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West Palm Beach Accident Injury Attorney​

As a highly respected accident injury attorney throughout Florida, Bryan Boysaw has spent over two decades representing personal injury victims. Many of his clients have suffered tremendous physical, emotional, and financial losses due to these accidents. Enduring the hardship of a personal injury can be difficult for victims. After suffering from the initial shock caused by an accident, the layers of stress and frustration can become overwhelming. A victim’s life can be turned completely upside down as a result of the accident. Expensive medical treatments and therapy session fees pile up into a mountain of bills that can’t be paid because you’re physically unable to work.

Personal Injury Settlements


Finding an accident injury attorney you can trust is the most important thing to do immediately after the accident. Some laws negatively impact the amount of money you can claim based on the length of time you wait to make your personal injury claim. Don’t let an inexperienced personal injury attorney make you settle for less than you rightfully deserve. Accident Injury Attorney Bryan Boysaw is ready to fight on your behalf and represent you with compassion and aggressive representation. He will put his experience and financial resources to work for you. With over two decades of history as a leader in the personal injury field, he has developed strong relationships with the best accident injury professionals in the country. Having a strong legal team of experienced and knowledgeable accident injury professionals will build a strong case for your claim. Our office handles a wide range of personal injury cases.

Types of Vehicular Accident Cases We Handle:

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Tractor-trailer Accidents

  • ATV Accidents (All-Terrain Vehicle Accidents)

  • Bike Accidents

  • Boat Accidents

  • Train Accidents

  • Planes Accidents

  • Cruise ship Accidents

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