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Over the years, Palm Beach County Accident Injury and Negligent Security Attorney Bryan Boysaw has served many clients in a wide range of cases involving negligence. His steadfast commitment to providing the highest level of aggressive legal representation, customer service, and client care has garnered a highly respected reputation in the legal field. He is well-versed in each of the specialties listed and works tirelessly to win on behalf of his clients.

False Arrest

False arrest claims arise when a person is detained or held without probable cause, a warrant, or a court order. Private citizens and law enforcement officers can commit these actions. If you or a loved one have been falsely arrested, call Attorney Bryan Boysaw immediately to discuss your legal rights and how he intends to win your case.

Minors and Aged Injured Due to Negligent Supervision

When a child or aged adult has been injured as a result of being poorly supervised, it is imperative to contact Attorney Boysaw immediately. You have a legal obligation to protect the rights of the child and aged adults. You should be prepared to discuss the details of the situation and let us immediately begin our investigation.

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